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What We Do

For questions from fertility through early childhood.

Oath builds out a complete support community for you, bringing medical specialists, mental health support, and fellow parents together to share in the ups and downs of the journey.

Maternal and
child health
Mental and emotional health

Motherhood is much broader than just one person or one path. The narrow definition puts the burden on women, when true motherhood is about community.

How it works

Add 3 Care Team members into one group chat

Each Care Team is made up of a stage-based specialist, mental health specialist, and parent guide dedicated to you. Oath will match you with a team, or let you choose each individual based on your preferences.

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Your Care Team: A Stage-based Specialist, a Mental Health Specialist, and a Parent Guide.A women presenting the three stages of Oath's Care Team.

Get personalized answers and proactive support, 7 days a week

It’s impossible to get all of your questions answered in a rushed doctor’s visit or the reassurance you need from Google. We’re the team that will know and support your family throughout every stage.

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Attend expert-led workshops

Connect with other Oath members and learn about topics relevant to your journey in our workshops hosted regularly by experts in the community. Get support around your questions and concerns in a group format.

with Sleep Consultant, Anne
Sleep Q&A
with Sleep Consultant, Anne
with Dr. Alexia
Milestones & behavior
with Dr. Alexia
with Doula Brenna
Pelvic floor therapy
with Doula Brenna
with Brittany, LMFT
Big feelings & tantrums
with Brittany, LMFT
with Dr. Scott
Guilt & shame
with Dr. Scott
with Brittany and Sara, Lactation Consultants
Breastfeeding Q&A
with Brittany and Sara, Lactation Consultants
with Fertility Nurse, Cicely
Fertility Q&A
with Fertility Nurse, Cicely
with Dr. Ted and Nurse Judy
Pediatric Q&A
with Dr. Ted and Nurse Judy
Real Talk

What our members are saying

“Having Oath has been priceless. I’ve gained friends for life and a service I trust to help me with all my questions - big to small.”
— Rina
“As a first time mum it is easy to feel lost and be constantly turning to “Dr Google” for help which can lead down some frightening rabbit holes. The support I have received from Oath has been invaluable in assuaging my new mum fears.”
— Sarah
“This community is built around the parent. It’s having a support system you can access throughout the day and night.”
— Zhanna
“This group has been a saving grace as it has been a place where we can feel comfortable to share in our anxieties, our milestones, our celebrations.”
— Daphne
They Have Your Back

Oath’s Medical Council

These multidisciplinary clinicians contribute essential perspective and understanding to our work building the future of maternal healthcare.

Dr. Jane van Dis
Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at University of Rochester
Dr. Elysa Marco
Board-certified Cognitive & Behavioral Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal
Physician Executive Leader
Dr. Ashley Darcy-Mahoney
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and Associate Professor at George Washington University
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