April 5, 2023
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Oath Team

Oath Care Launches New Working Momkind Community

Oath Care Partners With Working Momkind Founder, Ingrid Read to Better Support Working Parents 

San Francisco, California (April 5, 2023) - Oath Care, the expert-moderated community for parents to connect, collaborates with Working Momkind to provide judgment-free, expert support to Working Momkind’s community of over 200,000 parents.

Oath Care has built a safe space for parents—designed to provide moderation support, content creation, and expert care and is excited to now offer this as a service to parenthood creators. 

“It takes a village to raise a child yet we live in the most isolated generation to date. This lack of community has had a serious and measurable impact on the mental health of caregivers today,” says Dr. Michelle Stephens, Chief Nursing Officer and Co-founder of Oath Care. “We believe creators are essential in building the positive parenthood movement Oath wants to realize in the world.”

Parenting creators have built large, influential communities but traditional social media platforms fail to provide creators with moderation support, content creation, evidence-based expert guidance and the ability to connect followers for intimate, meaningful discussions. 

“Creators are absolutely burnt out - we’ve learned their followers don't have a safe, judgment-free space in which to deeply connect and find much-needed support which increases the compassion fatigue parenting creators are experiencing,” explains Stephens. 

Ingrid Read, founder of Working Momkind, has spent the last five years building a highly engaged community through social media initially. Over the years, she has also launched a blog, online resources, events and most recently a monthly newsletter.

“We have a highly engaged community of mothers constantly asking for more support and resources specific to their current stage of motherhood,” adds Read. “It was clear that Oath's mission and platform complemented ours precisely to fill in those gaps. I'm thrilled to unlock access to Oath Care’s pediatricians, sleep and lactation consultants, doulas and more, for the Working Momkind community.”

Oath Team

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