May 5
9am PST / 12pm EST


May 5
9am PST / 12pm EST
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Parents frequently comment on the wonder they experienced the first time they held their child after birth. The miracle of this little creature storms into your life and changes, almost in an instant, the way you perceive the world. But we talk less about the awe, that combination of wonder and fear, that we experience as parents. Your child is so adventurous! But how do we keep them safe from the dangers in the world? Your child is so smart! But how should we steward and channel their passions? Your child is growing so fast! But how should we best prepare them for the responsibilities of adulthood? In this session, we will explore the ways in which parents can cultivate a sense of awe in their daily lives, and how this can lead to greater well-being, resilience, and joy in their role as parents.

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About Kmele Foster

Kmele Foster is a journalist and partner at Freethink/Big Think, a digital media company introducing audiences to the people and ideas changing our world. Freethink's original content explores the intersections of culture, politics, and the innovations shaping our future. Kmele regularly contributes to numerous national media programs and co-hosts the popular media commentary podcast, "The Fifth Column." In addition to his work in media, Kmele has previously co-founded ventures in the technology, communications, and consumer goods industries.

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